UUnet - San Diego/LA Outage

Kit Knox kit at connectnet.com
Mon Mar 22 05:31:37 UTC 1999


UUnet has been experiencing large latency and packet loss in San Diego
since Friday Mar 10th at about 10:30 AM.  Service at one point degraded to
the point that UUnet had routed all traffic originating in San Diego
through a single DS1 while they sat and rebooted their ATM gear for a few

It appears that his problem has also spread to the Los Angeles area
including their LAX1 and LAX2 routers.  

Of course, http://www.noc.uu.net/ states that everything is normal and
there are no known outages.  [ UUnet master ticket #1399 of course states 
otherwise. ]

I'd like to hear from anyone that knows what is really going on.  Despite
my 100+ phone calls I cannot get a real answer.

Kit Knox <kit at connectnet.com>
Senior System Administrator - CONNECTnet INS, Inc.

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