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Wed Mar 17 23:35:55 UTC 1999

>indeed, tbl deserves much credit for html and the client/server model and

Or SGML, derived from IBM's GML as one product solution to various
attempts by the Pentagon to specify a generalized markup language back
in the 70's.

>but hypertext, links, etc. were described by vanevar busch (sp?) in 1948.
>undoubtedly the sociopaths of the time excoriated him for it.

Ted Nelson is usually given a lot of credit for putting hypertext into
a recognizeable computer framework around 1961, he coined the term.

Vannevar Busch's article, which I've read, certainly saw the shadows
on the walls of the cave though I'm not entirely certain he wasn't
just taking a baby step forward from the 1930's era Hollerith card
crime data bank the FBI had built to match MO's and fingerprints etc.

You can see the FBI stuff in old B&W crimebuster movies where they'll
cut to grainy file footage of thousands of punchcards being sorted
noisily in those large sorters as the G-men mercilessly hunt down
their man, and the answer punches out on the KSR-33 in the local

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