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David Brouda david at
Sun Mar 14 22:02:36 UTC 1999

At 1:20 PM -0800 3/14/1999, Randy Bush wrote:
>> But if a network does not have geographical diversity inside their AS then
>> all of this /32 aggregation magic is for naught. If national backbones
>> look like this:
>>    NS0.VERIO.NET      
>>    NS1.VERIO.NET      
> is hosted by digex.  we read rfc2182.

Didn't you co-write rfc2182? :)

Network Working Group                                             R. Elz
Request for Comments: 2182                       University of Melbourne
BCP: 16                                                          R. Bush
Category: Best Current Practice                              RGnet, Inc.
                                                              S. Bradner
                                                      Harvard University
                                                               M. Patton
                                                               July 1997


David Brouda                VERIO

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