InterNIC whois toast

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Sun Mar 14 09:24:14 UTC 1999

Right now the domains they do show have no POCs.  

I can only assume this is gross negligence and not malfeasance.

p.s. 128.65/16, stolen.  If you have any records of this net,    
     contact me -- Internic lost their data and says we must pay arin.

>whois is reporting that most domains are nonexistant:

>> whois
>No match for "ROOT-SERVERS.NET".

>The InterNIC Registration Services database contains ONLY
>non-military and non-US Government Domains and contacts.
>Other associated whois servers:
>   American Registry for Internet Numbers -
>   European IP Address Allocations        -
>   Asia Pacific IP Address Allocations    -
>   US Military                            -
>   US Government                          -

>Troy Davis

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