Internic doesn't care about valid contact information

Dean Robb pceasy at
Wed Mar 10 03:48:47 UTC 1999

At 23:36 3/4/99 -0500, Steven J. Sobol wrote:
>On Thu, Mar 04, 1999 at 08:05:49PM -0800, mwinter at wrote:
>> Amazing.. I'll contact him. But the answer i got from Internic was the 
>> don't care answer from below. I could not believe it and mailed them 
>> again, asking them to confirm it and they confirmed it.
>> This is not about a single domain anyway.. I just came across this 
>> specific one and wanted to know what the policy of Internic is if someone 
>> points them to their own agreement and a domain which violates it.
>Let me know if they do indeed delete the domain. Let all of us know.

PLEASE do.  I've been fighting this particular battle for almost two years
now, and *ONCE* got them to delete a bogus phone number.  Not the domain,
understand, just the phone number ( for yourself).

I have gotten a very long list of *why* they won't delete the BS domains,
but unless they don't pay, they don't get deleted (and sometimes, not even

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