Secondary DNS for Paraguay's TLD?

Rich Sena ras at
Mon Mar 8 16:20:47 UTC 1999

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Jared Mauch wrote:

> 	Most "real" providers have diverse nameservers.  For them,
> this is not a problem, but for the other 99% of domains
> that are delegated, they have their nameservers on the same
> ethernet segment.
>    Domain servers in listed order:
>    ZORK.TIAC.NET      
> 	This means once your /24 drops from routing,
> you have no primary nor secondary nameservice.

Whelp I used to work for that company - and I know that is
on a FDDI ring shared by 2 7507's and all common services are on that ring
- each 7507 has a HSSI with a DS3 to different exchanges to UUNET - so
you're right if UUNET goes down then it is dead - I know the 2 DS3's
terminate diferently but they will be down if UUNET is...

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