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I remember the good old days when new registers took about a week and transfers
took almost a month! :)


Dalvenjah FoxFire <dalvenjah at DAL.NET> on 03/05/99 09:44:36 PM

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On Fri, Mar 05, 1999 at 07:54:48PM -0600, Moe Allen put this into my mailbox:
> I am not so sure they even want your money. I have been waiting 2 days for a
> response on a domain I am trying to register for a customer.

That's nothing. They've been sitting on my request to change a nameserver
IP address for a *month*. The old IP and route are long gone, and
now my clients are having trouble resolving their domains because of it.
I've sent e-mail to action at twice and markk at
once. Squat. The ticket still shows 'Open', too.

Next week, I plan to phone them up daily until they do something about
my request. Too bad it's not a 1-800 number.


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