Internic doesn't care about valid contact information

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Fri Mar 5 04:05:49 UTC 1999

Amazing.. I'll contact him. But the answer i got from Internic was the 
don't care answer from below. I could not believe it and mailed them 
again, asking them to confirm it and they confirmed it.
This is not about a single domain anyway.. I just came across this 
specific one and wanted to know what the policy of Internic is if someone 
points them to their own agreement and a domain which violates it.

Maybe Chuck is able to restore some faith I had into them. But I would 
prefer it if everyone at Internic would follow the same policy.

- Martin Winter

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, James D. Wilson wrote:

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> Send it to Chuck Gomes, he says that they will act on ones reported to
> them.
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> Subject: Internic doesn't care about valid contact information
> While we are at the discussion about contact information from the 
> Internic...
> Internic doesn't care at all what you enter in the address, name,
> contact 
> info etc - as long as you are paying for it.
> According to the agreement which you must agree to for requesting a 
> domain name (, paragraph K),
> you are supposed to give them the correct information. 
> But I came accross a whois entry which was completly fake (like phone 
> number of 111-111-1111, non-existing address in a non-existing city
> etc.
> The only (probably) correct part was a email address - which is one of
> the web-based anonymous emails.)
> I'm not talking about possible wrong (outdated) contact info - this
> case 
> was clear that the person which registered the domain name didn't care
> about giving correct information and didn't hide it at all.
> When I mailed a copy of this to Internic and asked them how this fits 
> their agreement.. I mainly got the following information:
> [...]
> "Although we are concerned about the validity of information in the
> WHOIS database, it is the responsibility of the domain name
> registrant to maintain current information. Erroneous or incorrect
> information, such as an invalid phone number or a non-functioning
> e-mail address is not just cause for cancellation of a domain name.
> Domain names are only deleted at the request of the registrant or
> via our normal billing cycles."
> [...]
> Oh well.. it certainly helps the Internet community if you are now 
> allowed to register completly anonymous domain names.
> - - Martin Winter
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