InterNIC Weekend Outage?

Michael Dillon michael at
Fri Mar 5 00:25:08 UTC 1999

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Ehud Gavron wrote:

> I suppose I can share parts of a story.  I went to use a legacy /16
> we had only to see in-addrs fail.  Checking the Internic/Arin registry
> showed no entry.  

There is no such thing as the Internic/ARIN registry. There is an Internic
registry operated by Network Solutions. And there is an ARIN registry
operated by ARIN which you can query by

whois -h 128.65 


whois 128.65 at 

depending on your whois client.

> Upon contacting the NIC I was told "Prove it's yours."  I said
> "you're the guys with the database, and WHOIS isn't showing it,
> put it back and I'll prove it's mine."

Who is this "NIC" that you contacted? 

> Feel free to find 128.65.0/16 anywhere.  Let me know who you think
> it belongs to.

Since this block doesn't show up in ARIN's whois database I'll assume that
you are complaining about that fact. If so, why aren't you directing your
complaints to hostmaster at or (703) 227-0660 as noted on the ARIN
web pages at ?

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