Who are you gonna call?

Michael P. Lucking michael at lucking.com
Tue Jun 29 23:28:29 UTC 1999

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, Michael Dillon wrote:

> Next would be to call all your circuit providers and ask them what numbers
> to call in the event of a problem on New Years Day. They will all have set
> up some coordination facility to deal with such issues so talk them into
> giving you some numbers that will reach the facility. If they won't give
> you those numbers then find out who, within the telco, would be able to
> contact the cordination facility and get access numbers for those people.

I spent the day today calling and e-mailing my CLECs/RBOCs peers and
providers. So far nobody has a plan to do much different on New Years 
Eve/Day. Some people are planning on extra staff. Several people had no idea 
if anyone in their company had given any thought to doing something 
different. A few of the larger companies did have "special" numbers 
setup for use for y2k problems/issues with their service. This 
did give me a change to update phone numbers, and contact names. 

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