Who are you gonna call?

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Tue Jun 29 22:16:29 UTC 1999

>Seriously, though, there comes a point when you have to just trust in 
>something. The chances of one's phone and palm both going out at the same
>time are fairly remote, I would expect. 

Yes, paper has a 451F temperature problem, and palm pilots and cellphones
have an EMP problem (not to mention a battery recharger problem).  But my
question wasn't about remembering the numbers.  Assume some really experienced
people are doing this stuff and will make sure the numbers are there and
the message goes through, no matter what.  Even if they have to send a
messenger on foot to relay the messages like the Roman Empire.  I know
its difficult for engineers, but ignore the people behind the curtain.

Who would you want to be able to call to bootstrap the system back up?

Would you call CERT/CC?  Or since they don't actually fix anything, is that
a wasted call?

Would you call Microsoft?  Or since nothing critical on the Internet depends
on their products, is that a wasted call?

Nortan or Symantec?  How about IANA/ICANN?  CNN or AOL to say stay off the
infobahn, accident and workers in the road ahead?

Or instead of corporations, would you rather individuals be on the list?

Is there any consensus, rough or otherwise, of Internet-specific resources
the network operations community would like to have access?  Ask now.
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