Who are you gonna call?

Howard C. Berkowitz hcb at clark.net
Tue Jun 29 13:02:30 UTC 1999

>We're all doomed.  Techweek reports Cisco CEO John Chambers plans to be
>working with his programmers on New Year's Eve.  Anyone who has ever worked
>on a software project knows what kind of code gets produced by programmers
>while the CEO is hanging around :-)

Who are you gonna call gets worse on some products, like the 5300 in voice
applications.  As I've been reading the documentation, a song was singing
at the edge of my consciousness.

OK. It supports H.323 Gatekeepers.

It also supports AAA with RADIUS and TACACS+, allowing cryptographic user
authentication...cryptography....ah....keys....yep...the AAA server is the

So we have a product that supports the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster.  Want
to get your NOC slimed?

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