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> Here's the real thinker....    Is there a way that a company could set up
> their support lines so that "normal customers" get "1st level support
> reps" and "advanced (clueful) customers" get "2nd or higher level support
> reps"?   Every time I think of an option, I can see a fatal flaw.
> Separate numbers would be abused.  Certifications are expensive and mean
> nothing.  And so on.   There HAS to be a solution, we just haven't thought
> of it yet.

	I used to work for a company which had (for historical
	reasons) both dialup and dedicated (leased line) customers.  
	The dialup customers would call dialup support; the dedicated 
	customers and our peers were supposed to call the NOC.

	These days, many companies make it very hard to find their
	NOC number -- probably for fear of irate dialup users tying
	up the phone lines.  This also makes it difficult for peers
	to find somebody smart enough to understand the phrase "I'm
	not a customer, we peer with you" -- or, often more urgent,
	"I'm not a customer, but one of your customers is attacking
	one of my customers."

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