ARIN Public Policy Meetings

Kim Hubbard kimh at
Sun Jun 27 13:58:30 UTC 1999

> Kim:
> I just spoke with Wael in our traffic engineering group, who I Emailed and
> CC'd you earlier.
> People who are no longer in his group or associated with the IP project
> reported a series of incorrect information on how they were dealing with
> ARIN and the feedback they were recieving.
> Mostly, the -real- problems were NDA agreements between the legal
> departments about who's document should be used..etc, and that was
> communicated to our engineering dept. as 'they said no' AND in as many words
> to sum up the whole project.

Yes, I just found that out also.  I believe it's straightened out now.
> Wael's group is also no longer connected with any ARIN dealings with the
> company, and yet another layer of middle-management has taken this over
> again. 
> BUT, I will be more than happy to call you Monday 10a your time, and discuss
> with you..and our new leader of the ARIN project here at Williams.

Wait until after our discussion, but if you're satisfied then I'll gladly
watch you eat crow :-)

> I am more than willing to eat the crow Ive laid out before me, and apologise
> to the NANOG community and ARIN.

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