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Michael L. Barrow michael at
Sat Jun 26 12:58:58 UTC 1999

"Forrest W. Christian" wrote:

> Here's the real thinker....    Is there a way that a company could set up
> their support lines so that "normal customers" get "1st level support
> reps" and "advanced (clueful) customers" get "2nd or higher level support
> reps"?   Every time I think of an option, I can see a fatal flaw.
> Separate numbers would be abused.  Certifications are expensive and mean
> nothing.  And so on.   There HAS to be a solution, we just haven't thought
> of it yet.

Micron Electronics has a cool little technique in their ACD system. There's
a point at which you can take a little quiz-like thing. Depending on your
answers to the quiz, it determines your clue level and sends you to the
appropriate level of tech support Engineer.

I don't know how often it gets abused, etc., but I found it to be very
useful when I needed to get a part of a server replaced. I didn't have to
waste 30 minutes answering questions like, "Is it plugged in?", or "What OS
are you running?", etc.

Michael L. Barrow
<michael at>

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