Cisco TAC KRAP !!

Neil J. McRae neil at
Sat Jun 26 11:50:33 UTC 1999

> About Ascend TAC: It depends on which issue you ask them.
> If you have Problems with MAX or TNT or "access equipment" you might
> have a problem :-))
> If you are talking with them about "core switches" like our (now lovely
> workingi) BSTDX 9000's we purchased from them, you get 1A (means
> FANTASTIC SUPPORT) service and support.

ahahaha, Yah right. Maybe in Germany but in the UK their support
of Cascade products is terrible. Their account management is non-existent.

We dumped all our ascend kit because of the absolute crap support in
Europe, Ascend are talking to various other bits of COLT now but 
they don't stand a hells hope of selling anything. We just bought some
lovely new AccessPath boxes. 

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