Internet failures over the next 3 years - slight tangent

Andrew Lange alange at
Tue Jun 22 23:03:53 UTC 1999

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Tim Wolfe wrote:
> >    - Critical Internet control software and systems
> I am not a router vendor, but it seems that adding some sort of auth key to
> BGP (similar to the auth system of OSPF) wouldn't be all that difficult. 
> You could specify a key for each peer.

There is already a option in the BGP OPEN message to add authentication on
a BGP session.  However, the RFC doesn't specify an authenitcation method
to use.  Of course securing the level 4 BGP session without securing the
underlying TCP session is a weakness, so there is a proposal to implement
an MD5 TCP authentication method.  Does anyone know the status of this

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