[semi-non-op] 9netave junk fax

John R Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sat Jun 19 23:20:22 UTC 1999

I gather than 9netave, a web hosting company in New Jersey, sent out 
last week large numbers of junk faxes to numbers scraped from WHOIS.  I 
certainly got one, even though my listing says "NO FAX ADS $500 PENALTY".

As you probably know, junk faxes are both unethical and illegal.  You can sue
for up to $1500 per junk fax under 47 USC 227.  A friend and I are trying to
put together a group suit to encourage them not to try steal customers that
way.  If you got one of these and still have it, please email either me or
Ray Everett-Church, ray at everett.org. 

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