revised ACL 112 ?

Michael P. Lucking michael at
Thu Jun 17 22:12:59 UTC 1999

In February we received a new /20 CIDR from ARIN. I felt that we might be
caught by the filters at ISPs like Sprint (  
I contacted Sprint twice and spoke to two different engineers, both told
me that they were not filtering as their page described, and they would
allow advertisements for /20 in 206/8 - 233/8. Since that time I have
spoken to several people who purchase transit from Sprint, and they do
indeed see my advertisements. Looking at NetFlow stats I can't find any
major provider that we have not had traffic flow between. I assume they
had to have accepted my advertisements, nobody runs BGP and default routes

BTW: I also contacted, and received a similar response from ANS.

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, I Am Not An Isp wrote:

> And it might interest you to know that, to the best of my knowledge,
> neither EBONE (Sean's current employer) or Sprint (Sean's former employer)
> use that type of filter any longer.  The only thing I can see from any big
> providers is filtering on /24s.  (If someone knows differently, please
> correct me.  I'm just commenting on what I see - I have no first hand
> knowledge of the filters in anyone else's routers.)

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