revised ACL 112 ?

I Am Not An Isp patrick at
Thu Jun 17 18:10:00 UTC 1999

At 11:37 PM 6/16/99 +0200, Philippe Strauss wrote:
>Hi nanogers,
>Recently (today :) I've been playing with configuring Sean
>ACL 112 on our transit BGP router.
>I'm surprised by the number of routes which have been dropped,
>especialy in the range.
>The exact access list is the one Sean described on this
>list in 1995, available at

Since you are using my copy of Sean's filters, I'll comment.

I put that up as reference material, not as a recommendation.  My
"official" recommendation for filtering is:

And it might interest you to know that, to the best of my knowledge,
neither EBONE (Sean's current employer) or Sprint (Sean's former employer)
use that type of filter any longer.  The only thing I can see from any big
providers is filtering on /24s.  (If someone knows differently, please
correct me.  I'm just commenting on what I see - I have no first hand
knowledge of the filters in anyone else's routers.)

But feel free to use whatever you like on your network.  I just don't want
you to think that *I* use those.


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