Is anyone actually USING IP QoS?

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Tue Jun 15 17:10:50 UTC 1999

> From: Danny McPherson <danny at>
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> Subject: Re: Is anyone actually USING IP QoS? 
> > Or you can try from the other end - doing replication on the fly, and 
> > convert existing UNICAST data streams to the multicast if (and where) 
> > it's nessesary only.
> Hrmmm...  Seems to me as though, in it's most optimal state, that'd be 
> multicast?  Great idea!
May be, but _I am here, and you are there, and my friends there are busy 
by the other projects -:)_. Btw, I don't like to miss such good idea -- 
may be, I'll found some way to realise it. 

The best place for it, btw, is just existing WWW caches caching _on the 
fly_ (as cisco WWW engine).

> > internet - and it have not eny success except a few of pylot projects. 
> > Compare RealVideo auditory and multicast auditory for now... And why 
> > don't try anpther approach.
> Several providers have deployed/are deploying NATIVE multicast today on their 
> "production" IP networks today (many have had intra-domain enabled for years), 
> and deploying inter-domain mulicast via existing direct interconnects and the 
> MIXs.  Not only is there a b/w savings, there's a huge savings on the source 
> side as well.  A primary concern is the ability of existing and new router 
> vendors platforms to do this efficiently.
I know. But remember - it took a lot of time to make _peering 
aggreements_, to debug _bgp inter-domain routing_, _control of the 
routing by the communities_, etc etc. You are wrong, there is not 
_hardware vendor's problem_, it's _policy problem_ for now.

> The benefits are obivous though and router vendors are definitely progressing, but as with any technology, debugging and getting the protocols to a usable state, one to which SLA/SLGs can be assoicated, takes time.  
> -danny

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