Off Topic Request: I need some help!

Joshua Krage jkrage at
Mon Jun 14 19:39:05 UTC 1999

On Sat, Jun 12, 1999 at 01:59:12PM -0700, Dan Bustillos - Datalink Computer Services wrote:
> I was hoping someone could give me the RFC for non routable addresses 

You want /all/ of the RFCs, right?

RFC1166 -- Internet Numbers
           Covers addressing for Class D/E (multicast/experimental) traffic;
           shouldn't be used as source addresses.
RFC1700 -- Assigned Numbers
           Covers fun networks like 0/8 and,
           which aren't nice for source addresses (or destination addresses
           outside of your network, depending on your viewpoint).
RFC1918 -- Address Allocation for Private Internets
           Covers the 'private' address space definitions.

draft-ietf-dhc-ipv4-autoconfig-04.txt -- Auto-IP configuration in ad-hoc
           networks:  169.254/16

Then there is the IANA test network, 192.0.2/24.  (Anyone have an official
reference to this one?)

Then there is the unallocated IP address space, as determined by the IANA
and the regional registries.

And then there are a few other IANA-reserved networks.

All of these address classes should be invalid as source addresses (except
where negotiated in advance), and very few should be permitted as destination
addresses (Multicast for example, should be permitted as a desination, just
not as a source).

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