DS-3 Error Stats

John Hawkinson jhawk at bbnplanet.com
Mon Jun 14 19:23:43 UTC 1999

> > Maybe I should add that I'm looking at ATM WAN switches and
> > several-thousand-mile hauls.  Are ATM WAN switches more sensitive?  Can
> > telcos clean up the noise on such a long haul as opposed to
> > several-hundred-mile hauls.  My counters on the routers for the 'short'
> > haul lines are indeed zero.
> If you can see errors, put on yor camo gear. Lines, international
> or otherwise, should run clean, whatever equipment is
> connected so long as it's correctly configured. Like 0 errors.

Well, do be careful.

Most carries have "performance objectives" which they adhere to,
and they specify some number of errored seconds per day per circuit,
and those numbers may vary based on route-milage.

Unfortunately I think most of those numbers are covered under NDAs,
but I can safely say that 1 errored second/day would be well
under the criteria and 1,000 would be well over, and anything in
between depends on your carrier and route miles, etc., etc.


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