Murphy comes to St. Louis

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Sat Jun 12 23:10:04 UTC 1999

Murphy has been working overtime in St. Louis.  A combination of several
sever thunderstorms and grid problems with AmerenUE, the local electric
power company, flash floods due to rain, and even a major water main
break in the business district; and ISP's are testing all parts of their
backup plans.  At least four different St. Louis ISPs had problems at
some time in the last 24 hours for a variety of different reasons.  UPS
failure, generator failure, flooding, and electrician error while doing
preventive maintenance.
Postnet is located at 900 Walnut in St. Louis which is the main CLEC/carrier
hotel facility in downtown St. Louis.  Other outages also occurred at a
university in mid-St. Louis county, and at ISPs in west county.  Some ISPs
survived one wave of thunderstorms, only to succumb to a later wave.

And my personal experience, a direct lightning strike on a tree next to my
bedroom window.  Anyone want to buy some used surge protectors?  Only used
once :-)
Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
  Affiliation given for identification not representation

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