Emergency Maintenance - Los Angeles

Jeff Harper jharper at gte.com
Fri Jun 11 17:52:22 UTC 1999

There is an Emergency Power Shutdown Notification from
Southern California Edison, scheduled for June 12, 1999, 
at a UUNet hub in Los Angeles. The power shutdown should 
not be customer effecting, however I thought it would be 
beneficial if some are aware of this activity.  You
never know with BGP, eh?  ;-)

The service window is scheduled for a full eight hours, 
too, but I expect that to be worst case. They will
probably have everything back up in 3 or 4. The 8 hour 
schedule is probably to cover themselves in case of
unexpected problems. 

Hope this helps,

Jeff Harper
Manager - Infrastructure Engineering & Support
GTE Internetworking - GTE.net
jharper at gte.com

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