HP Openview Slowness.

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Wed Jun 9 20:15:12 UTC 1999

scall at devolution.COM (Scott Call) writes:
>    As part of a network I'm working on, I've install HPOpenView NNM
>(first time, I've only used free/cheap stuff in the past) on a Sun
>Ultra5, and it's performance is less than stellar.  It takes between 30
>seconds and 5 minutes to traverse from one map to another (either up or
>down).  This occurs no matter how many (or few) objects are on each

I use Netview (a HP Openview derivative via IBM/DEC, now Tivoli).  It
will use whatever resources you give it.  Yeah, the sales guy may have
said it will run in 64meg, depending how you define "run."  After I
upgraded to a DEC Alpha/4000 with 640MB, and it is responsive enough
to use.  Other folks have told me their HP Openview was also much
happier after they added a LOT more memory.

The free/cheap stuff works well too.  We use both, backing each other up.
The Cabletron, Openview, etc stuff may be on the front wall with CNN to
show visitors how cool your network is, but almost every NOC I've visited
has something like NOCOL in the back.  But don't tell upper management,
otherwise they'll want to know why they spent mucho bucks on the stuff
which displays pretty color pictures.
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