OSPF multi-level hierarch: side question

Tony Li tony1 at home.net
Tue Jun 8 17:44:56 UTC 1999

> Although our network is not yet large enough to run into scaling issues,
> this is exactly our problem.   Our OSPF is relatively stable except for
> two things, both on our dialup pools:
> o Host level routes appearing from wandering static-ips
> o Wandering networks from dial-on-demand networks.
> We have more than one physical dialin POP, so summarization can't
> take place on the netblocks that these items are allocated from.
> As these users connect and disconnect this generates most of our
> churn in our OSPF.
> Any suggestions on solving this churn issue?

As has been said before:

If address allocation fails to match the topology, then you must exchange more
routing information.  The only ways to address this are to either change the
point of aggregation (e.g. merge your POP's address space, containing the churn
to these two POPs) or to disallow the migration of addresses between POPs.

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