Off-topic plea for help - DS-3 CESM

Alex Bligh amb at
Sat Jun 5 11:31:15 UTC 1999

This is actually a "how do I configure my router to do that?"

Has anyone ever been given a DS-3 CESM circuit (i.e. you order
a DS-3, and get some circuit-emultated thing running over
a ATM on a higher order SONET circuit - no I don't know why)
and actually got it to work?

I appear to have (down/down) LOF one end and (up/down) the

Are there restrictions on scrambling, framing, dsu-mode
etc. that apply here in some way there wouldn't be had
I been delivered the point to point DS-3 I originally

Replies off-list most appreciated.

Alex Bligh
GX Networks (formerly Xara Networks)

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