C&W Outage, more info, sort of

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Thu Jun 3 19:12:37 UTC 1999

jmbrown at ihighway.NET (John M. Brown) writes:
>It seems that 2 of C&W's core routers in SFO had BGP session problems
>and they cleared the sessions and everything was ok...  Its a "level
>two issue" at this time and the ticket is still open.  L2 folks are
>looking into the problem to try and figure out what happened.
>From our perspective we had no conectivity to NetScape or Yahoo via
>the C&W link.  

Sounds like the cisco bug which has affected several different providers
over the last month or so.  A route (almost always a high-interest
destination) doesn't get added to the forwarding table correctly.

Nothing appears wrong at the router, but traffic between individual
destinations dies.  Unless a customer calls, the provider may not even
notice, because it only affects traffic on a particular path through the
network. A quick temporary solution is clearing the route table.  The
router usually builds a fresh route table with the correct forwarding
information.  And it appears to work until some event tickles the bug
later.  So far this problem manifest itself only with certain IOS versions
using CEF.
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