request for flow stats data

Steve Feldman feldman at
Tue Jun 1 16:43:04 UTC 1999

About 18 months ago I collected some flow statistics summary data
from busy routers and put the results in

There's interest in repeating the survey to see how things have changed
and get more data points.

If you are running cisco flow switching on a busy router and wouldn't
mind sharing, please send me the top part of the output of a

   show ip cache flow

(the summary info, not the individual flow information)
and I'll include it.  I'll keep the data source anonymous unless
you explicitly give me permission to share it.

As an alternative, if you are running cflowd the output
'artsprotos' on a 24-hour aggregate file would be useful.

Also, please let me know approximately where in your topology
the data comes from (e.g. exchange point, core, customer edge, etc.)
and which part of the world it's in.

Thanks for your help,

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