InterNIC oddities

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Thu Jul 29 04:47:54 UTC 1999

Paulk said, four months ago, that NSI had asked him to stop serving
COM/NET/ORG while the SRS beta test was running.

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> The WHOIS database seems to be updated at random intervals. Today, it
> never did get updated. The data is more than 24 hours stale
> in the WHOIS
> database, and the "last updated" time is being reported as yesterday,
> mid-morning. The name servers do appear to be up-to-date, though.
> The F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET machine has an out-of-date com. zone. The other
> name servers seem to be up-to-date, and the F server is OK for the net
> and org domains, and the root domain. Only the com TLD is out
> of date (5
> days old).
> On a positive note, the domain name modification forms appear
> to be back
> from the dead.
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