ARIN policy on acquisitions ?

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Wed Jul 28 20:38:35 UTC 1999

Check their WWW page:

     Transfer Requirements
     ARIN will consider requests for the transfer of IP space only upon receipt of evidence that
     the new entity has acquired the assets which had, as of the date of the acquisition or
     proposed reorganization, justified the current entity’s use of the IP space. Examples of
     assets that justify use of IP space include, but are not limited to: 1) existing customer base
     that utilizes some or all of the IP space, 2) qualified hardware inventory, and 3) specific
     software requirements. 
In message <Pine.LNX.4.10.9907281623090.23066-100000 at>, Brandon
 Applegate writes:
>Greetings all,
>Aplogies if this has already been covered (I couldnt find it :) )
>Does any one know what ARIN's policy is on ISP acquisition ??  Is there
>one ??  In other words, ISP A buys ISP B.  ISP B has some pre-ARIN
>allocated IP space (swamps from Internic, etc etc).  When ISP A goes to
>modify these network objects in the ARIN DB, is there going to be a
>problem ?? Will ARIN say they have to be returned ??  
>Feel free to contact me off list if you feel this is not relevant to said
>Brandon Applegate, CCNA  :  Network Administrator
>       :  brandon at

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