SYN spoofing

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Wed Jul 28 19:59:59 UTC 1999

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>On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, John Fraizer wrote:
>> Perhaps if you were to NAME these networks, they may be shamed into doing
>> something about the problem.
>Anyone for a weekly 'bogons transit list'?

The problem being, that you would need to know where these packets
originated, and if you knew that, you could probably get the problem
fixed in the first place.  Lack of a soci-technological solution
for interprovider backtracing limits the utility of this, and
since you can't really pin point the 10 ten bogon transit providers
you don't have much ability to shame people into fixing their stuff.

>> Then again, they should be ashamed to begin with for passing RFC1918
>> traffic, let alone loopback space.
>You would think so. But somehow these packets still show up.

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