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Tue Jul 27 18:46:12 UTC 1999

It's definitely not isolated to you.  Murphy *loves* me too...  And it
doesn't take a 15 year old network to find telcos pulled bonehead moves
like that, especially on a global basis.  How you get them to do it
quickly in crises is "operational art", though, and melds with the synergy
you speak of...  ;-)


On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Sean Donelan wrote:

> Ever have one of those 'synergy' kind of days?  DRA's network dates
> back to 1984, and is positively ancient compared to some networks.  But
> even I was left speechless by today's outage.  Here's an extract from
> DRA's trouble ticket diary.
> >But, I have been give a bit of background information on why they are having
> >so much trouble repairing the circuit.  This circuit, a DS3 between LA and
> >San Diego, was owned by Western Union, which was bought out by MCI Local,
> >which is a part of MCI, which merged with World Comm. So, MCI/World Comm has
> >no idea what the circuit ID is of the circuit that is down.  There is an MCI
> >tech on site in LA tracing cables to see where this circuit plugs into the
> >Western Union equipment so that they can trouble shoot it.
> Do other people have problems like this?  Or does Murphy just likes me?
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