Neil J. McRae neil at
Tue Jul 27 12:07:23 UTC 1999

> Um, yup. On just about every Worldcom circuit I've bought which
> is either newer or older than their current revision ticket system.
> (I'm sure other carriers are just as bad).
> Now imagine being told to report all this through their UK helpdesk
> to add a further level of non-understanding.
> The amount of "that isn't a circuit number"'s I've got is instructive.

You think thats bad? Aha! You want to try Teleglobe, what a complete
nightmare that is. We've had service with them for well over a year
and we still get, "That circuit isn't in our database" even after
we're "A highlighted customer" in the Teleglobe TCSC or GSCFFEWFQCE
or what ever crap marketing name they make up today.

Avoid at all costs.

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