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Jon Green jcgreen at netins.net
Wed Jul 21 23:32:13 UTC 1999

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:33:17 -0700, dredd at megacity.org writes:

>He has mentioned to me, "what if I formed an CLEC/ISP and started leasing 
>dry copper from CitsTel to provide DSL myself?"  at which point he was very 
>much over my head in ability to answer.

He would need to lease space in the CO for a DSLAM, then stick a router
there with a connection to an ISP somewhere.  Not too difficult if the
telco will cooperate.  However, line quality could be a big issue.  
Different types of DSL have different tolerances to things like bridged
taps and loading coils.

No idea on cost, but I doubt what he's talking about will be cheap without
getting lots of subscribers.


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