Toronto bell canada central office fire

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Mon Jul 19 01:59:32 UTC 1999

On Sun, 18 Jul 1999, John Fraizer wrote:

> The last thing I want to do is sue the local fire department though.  I've
> seen houses burn to the ground because of political garbage like this and
> just like any other profession, firefighters remember things like lawsuits
> -- especially when the moneys spent in settlement could have been used to
> procure livesaving / live-sustaining equipment.

Yep, as a firefighter I can say that is very correct. It is sorta like the
cops pulling over the fire truck. Technically the truck is not aloud to
speed on the way to a fire. One copy having a bad day pulled us over and
gave us a ticket. The call we were on was a false alarm, so no damage was
done, but it was a real fire I am sure there would have been a much larger
political mess.

Anyway, this is off topic enough. 

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