Canada Fiber Cut?

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Fri Jul 16 21:48:19 UTC 1999

[ On Friday, July 16, 1999 at 16:16:20 (-0400), Phillip Vandry wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Canada Fiber Cut? 
> Are you sure? Anyone notice anything down outside of the territory of
> Simcoe CO (the one that exploded)? I don't see why there would have
> been.. All our Toronto customers stayed up except those connected to
> that CO.

I'm just puppeting what I hear on the news (though I did see the live
press conference with the Bell guy when things got back to 50% alive),

There was enough data service impacted that many Bank services,
including ATMs across the Metro Toronto region, as well as as far away
as downtown Ottawa were offline.

There were also supposedly long distance services as far away as Asia

I'm still seeing numerous small domains as totally non-existant because
they didn't have their DNS servers widely enough spread apart to avoid a
little outage like this (of course putting both on the same network
without your own redundant connection is just asking for trouble!  ;-) is also now back up (at least I couldn't get to it from my
highly redundantly connected ISP), though there's as yet no press
release in their online "newsroom"!  ;-)

> BTW, it looks like at least some stuff is back up now, I can now call
> phones connected to Simcoe.

It's supposedly mostly back up now -- though maybe not 100%.  I suspect
it's running on the AC mains again and hopefully nothing happens again
before the batteries are fully re-charged again!  ;-)

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