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Fri Jul 16 17:14:25 UTC 1999


At 03:36 AM 7/16/1999 -0600, Forrest W. Christian wrote:
>I really can't think of a better place to ask this, so If anyone has any
>ideas of a place better suited please let me know (no flames please).
>I'm looking for a (free or quite inexpensive) tool to help diagnose some
>bizzare TCP problems we're having with some TCP flows stalling exactly 32k
>into the transfer.  This isn't the same file and it's almost exacly 32k
>each time... but I digress.
>Is there a tool out there that can sniff a TCP flow and do some basic
>analysis such as missed acks, duplicate packets, Window Sizes, etc. etc. 
>Mainly, I'm looking at something which can compare what it sees with some
>semblance of a normal flow and pick out "errors".  Other tools to track
>down stalls would be helpful also.  No, I'm not looking for ping tools or
>flood tools, etc., but instead something which can help me determine why
>this particular TCP implementation is stalling consistently in serveral
>different environments so I can go yell at the vendor.
>I realize that most if not all packet sniffers will provide the
>information neccessary to do this analysis by hand,  but picking apart
>multiple flows bit by bit can be tedious and error prone, and not
>something I particularly want to do if there is an easier way.
>Thanks for all pointers.
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