revoked .edu's: does it happen?

Andrew Brown twofsonet at
Thu Jul 15 15:08:23 UTC 1999

>Isn't it Jeffery Case that sez "as we say down on the farm,
>reality diverges greatly from reality"?
>Has anyone ever heard of a .edu domain being delegated and
>subsequently revoked because the owner's organization was not
>a four-year degree granting institution??

yep.  completely.

[clipped from a posting to domain-policy from cambler at on 4/20]
> Registrant:
> Zig Zag Corporation (WEB419-DOM)
>    Suite 350, 60 Revere Drive
>    Northbrook, IL 60062
>    US
>    Domain Name: WEB.EDU
>    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
>       Wolf, Scott  (SW1802)  scottwolf at MMQB.COM
>       847-831-0300 (FAX) 847-564-1199
>    Billing Contact:
>       Wolf, Michael  (MW215)  info at INFO.VDC.COM
>       847-831-0300
>    Record last updated on 09-Apr-99.
>    Record created on 09-Apr-99.
>    Database last updated on 19-Apr-99 11:01:23 EDT.
>    Domain servers in listed order:

and later that day, someone pointed out

>Zig Zag Corporation (FURNITURE20-DOM)                            FURNITURE.EDU
>Zig Zag Corporation (DESIGN73-DOM)                                  DESIGN.EDU
>Zig Zag Corporation (INTERNET254-DOM)                             INTERNET.EDU
>Zig Zag Corporation (COMPUTER76-DOM)                              COMPUTER.EDU
>Zig Zag Corporation (WEB419-DOM)                                       WEB.EDU

someone at internic popped in a day later and said they'd all be
removed.  from poking at a copy of the edu zone file circa then, i can
"derive" a long list of names that have been revoked.

i'd suggest you also read domain policy, but the signal to noise ratio
there makes this list seem like standing right next a speaker stack at
a ministry concert in madison square garden.  without earplugs.  :)

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