Corrected Terms Re: Network Solutions loses domain data -- Follow-up

John M. Brown jmbrown at
Thu Jul 15 15:04:41 UTC 1999

I just have to do this.  The confusion between "Root Zone File" and
TLD Zone Files has just got to stop.

1.  Root Zone is NOT .COM .ORG .NET .ETC  its   .   DOT  
    It contains about 200 or so records plus glue.  
    IT DOES NOT contain deligation info in the .COM, NET, ORG, ccTLD's

2.  The .COM Zone File is what was buggered up with this persons domain.
    The TLD Zones contain the information for each TLD.

It would do everyone GOOD to make sure that we use the CORRECT terms for
the correct parts of the net.  

For example moving DOT (Root Zone) isn't the same as moving .COM (COM Zone)


At 01:54 AM 7/14/99 -0400, you wrote:
>This is a follow-up to a message I posted earlier today. After a 24 hour
>absence from the root name servers, the missing domain ( has
>once again appeared.
>The lesson to be learned, it would seem, is to avoid doing domain
>updates around the time Network Solutions generates the root zone files
>(around 5PM Eastern Time). If I had to wager a guess, I'd suspect
>they've got a database/programming access issue. I suspect my record was
>being updated by one program, and thus was locked, at the moment another
>program was trying to run a report which generates the zone files. I
>tried to find someone at Network Solutions to mention this to, but there
>wasn't a clueful person in the dozen or so I talked with. Indeed, most
>of them didn't understand the relationship between their databases and
>the root name servers (I think some of them didn't know what the root
>name servers were).
>Given a total lack of accountability to anyone, and software that's
>clearly got some interesting bugs, it's kind of surprising more folks
>don't get clobbered by this sort of thing (perhaps they do, but don't
>notice the occasional 24 hour dropout).
>The sad thing is that competitive registries will likely only make
>things worse. In that case, you'll yell at the folks you registered
>with, and they would then have to yell at Network Solutions, who're
>going to maintain the database with the same buggy software. Sounds like
>a mess.
>Daniel Senie                                        dts at
>Amaranth Networks Inc.  

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