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Wed Jul 14 13:13:44 UTC 1999

On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 11:43:03PM -0500, Michael P. Lucking wrote:
> Cable & Wireless USA

Interesting statement #1:
    What routes do you want to hear from us?
         Backbone Routes (2 routes)
         Customer Routes (approximately 11,500 routes)
         Full Routes (approximately 35,000 routes)

> Sprint

Interesting statement #2:
          Option            Number of Routes      CPU/Mem. Requirement
          No Routes           1 (default)         2501/3000 or equivalent
          Partial Routes        20,000            2501/3000 or equivalent with 16+meg memory
          Full Routes           45,000            4000 or equivalent with 64+meg of memory

	I'm not trying to point out an error, although they should
be updated.  It's just amazing how quickly things get out of date
and don't get updated.

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