Network Solutions loses domain data

Mike Bird mgb at
Tue Jul 13 20:01:30 UTC 1999

It'll take a lot of work for NSI to beat the morons at US Domain Registry.

Their database was changed April 15th, and not by us.  Since then, our
"" customers have been surviving on the secondary name server
only, with consequent performance delays.

We have asked US Domain Registry to (a) fix the problem and (b) give us any
info on the source of the change.

It takes approximately one month for them to reply to our e-mails.  The
responses are useless, and always late on a friday afternoon.

One is tempted to believe that they have to get themselves good and drunk
before dealing with the distatasteful chore of customer support e-mail.

A decade ago, ISI was a place you could respect.

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