Outage: MCI Worldcom NOC

Sean Donelan SEAN at SDG.DRA.COM
Sat Jul 10 01:32:42 UTC 1999

kit at connectnet.COM (Kit Knox) writes:
>The entire ticketing system is currently down in the MCI Worldcom NOC with
>no ETR.
>They are currently unable to open any trouble reports or check the status
>of existing tickets.

Yes, MCI/Worldcom has been having problems with their trouble ticket
system.  It was down on July 7 and a couple of other times when we called.
At least MCI/Worldcom tells you the system is down.  Some other carriers
seem to just make up ticket statuses when their systems are down.

I'm surprised though MCI/Worldcom wouldn't open a manual ticket.  Maybe
its just because I'm such a PITA. But even when their automated system
is down, we've gotten MCI/Worldcom to open a paper ticket.  And yes, I've
escalated a paper ticket.  So paper ticket was being passed on, and not
just the customer service rep throwing the paper in the trash as soon
as I hung up the phone.
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