WEATHER: rolling blackouts along the East Coast

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Jul 7 13:39:51 UTC 1999

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Jeremy Porter wrote:

> Frankly if people would just dig a big hole in the ground, bury all
> the computer equipment in it, with the large thermal mass, you could
> keep it at a nice 68F all year round.

That is a joke right? With data center heat calculations going up, that is
hardly a major difference. 
> Maybe its just Texas, but I can't recall ever having a power outage
> due to lack of capacity in the summer.  Although I've see heating
> systems fail in the winter, when it gets unusally cold and the
> natural gas pipelines give up.

Wow, I find that hard to beleave. I have lived in many areas of the world
and they all have problems with the summer load, just as many gas
companies do with the winter load. The utilities including telephone don't
engineer their networks for the highest possible load, they try to get as
close as they can. Telephone networks have blocking probabilities, power
networks have load factors, etc. 

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