WEATHER: rolling blackouts along the East Coast

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Tue Jul 6 22:12:42 UTC 1999

Some Bell Atlantic COs in North Jersey have experience brown-outs as
well.  Local and tandem switched voice are unaffected, but Frame Relay
and SMDS equipment took hits.



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Due to the heat, high electric use, and the loss of some generators some
east coast power companies are into their reserve limits, which means a
of a generation plant will cause an indefinite blackhout.  Several
have started some rolling black outs in their service regions, voluntary
and mandatory load dumping and voltage reductions.  Each 'planned'
black out is expected to last less than 20 minutes, but the electric
are warning customers service may be interrupted up to four hours.

The heat is supposed to break this afternoon/evening.  However the front
will bring a line of strong thunderstorms through the east coast, which
creates its own problems.

All of our east coast POPs have stayed up, so far. But several of our
customers have experienced power outages at their sites and some
have closed for the day.
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