ICANN Draws Fire Over Proposed Charges

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at mhsc.com
Mon Jul 5 19:41:04 UTC 1999

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> John M. Brown
> Sent: Monday, July 05, 1999 10:53 AM
> Couple of points:
> 1. This fits the NANOG AUP and Charter HOW???  And claiming that

You have a good point and if that was ALL you said I wouldn't comment.
However, you also threw a lot of mud that properly belongs on the
InterNIC DOMAIN-POLICY list, the IFWP list, or the DNSO.ORG list.Those
are the proper venue for these issues.

You can subscribe there and join the festivities, if you want. I will be
there as well as many others. Most of the folks that are really
interested are also on the DNSO.ORG and IFWP lists. Most of the relevant
links can be found via <http://www.dnso.net>.

When I get time, I will put up a page pointing to the relevant
mailer-list pages, on DNSO.NET.

BTW, you might get yourself updated as while you are there. Your myths
need upgrading.

This post is placed in the interests of diverting this, non-NANOG,
traffic to the appropriate lists. Please don't flame.

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