NSI/Internic operational announcement list

Paul A Vixie paul at vix.com
Mon Jul 5 05:11:20 UTC 1999

> >> Now, Paul...you KNOW that customer service and NSI are mutually exclusive
> >> terms.

i don't agree.  nsi has made a lot of mistakes but they have also held a
monopoly position in a market that's doubled more than annually for most
of the last decade.  for them to only suck as much as they do, is a miracle
that they can be proud of.  note that i'm not going to get into whether
they have engineered their monopoly status -- that's a separate issue that
seems to be well covered on other mailing lists.  as a purely operational
issue, it only makes sense to say "sometimes nsi's customer service is
horrid, sometimes it's good enough, sometimes it's excellent."

> >> I'm still waiting for their 'Internet Ombudsman' to be named.
> >> How long can it take to find someone to do it?
> That's the theory, anyway.  It was announced a couple of weeks ago on the
> DOMAIN-POLICY list by an open letter from the new CEO of NSI (whose name
> escapes me at the moment).  Supposedly this person will have unfettered
> access to the Top Brass and will bring to them issues we in the user world
> have as well as solicit feedback on NSI plans.  
> I'm taking a very wait-and-see attitude on this one - I've heard far too
> much hot air from NSI to believe it until I see it.

i can think of several people who work for nsi and do this kind of thing
already -- and if the ombudsman role goes to one of them, or someone like
one of them, i'll say it's a great thing for nsi and for all of their
customers.  on the other hand i've seen this done very badly by some other
companies, and i've met some people at nsi who would do it just that badly.
so i'll join you in your "wait and see" stance.

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