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On 07/04/99, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote: 

> >> you might check the bylaws and articles, and for 501c status.  or you
> >> might post flames.  or both.
> > 	I choose "both," plus keeping a close eye on what they're up
> > 	to.  Nonprofit status doesn't mean they've got any clue as to
> > 	what they're doing -- and if they do know what they're doing
> > 	then that's even scarier, IMHO.
> we've been to this movie before, and there was not even any popcorn.  did we
> not waste enough bandwidth on clueless paranoia and empty sensationalism for
> the arin formation?
> in this industry, it's hard enough to focus and plan based on simple facts.
> leave paranoia and sensationalism to the c^hkooks.

	Normally I'd agree with you, Randy...but it is my considered
	opinion that ICANN's apparent goals do not bode well for the
	continued growth of the Internet.  If anybody would like to
	hear why I feel that way, contact me off-list, since arguing
	about domain stuff has long been considered inapropriate for
	this mailing list (right, Randy?)

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