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Sun Jul 4 16:41:11 UTC 1999

On 07/03/99, Joe Shaw <jshaw at insync.net> wrote: 

> I personally trust ICANN and NSI as far as I can throw their collective
> asses.  NSI has shown repeatedly that they don't give a rat's behind one
> way or the other about DNS registration system, as long as they continue
> to hold power over it.  ICANN are far too shady and back-room meeting
> oriented to really have anyone's best interest but their own at heart.
> So, who's the lesser of the two evils?  Both make me shudder.

	At least NSI admits that they're a for-profit company.  Any
	clue what ICANN really is?

	Hmm, this is getting non-operational, Reply-To set.

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